EMLA Cream description

EMLA Cream is a local anestetic, with eutectic mixture of lidocaine 2.5% and prilocaine 2.5%. This means that each gram of EMLA cream is containing 25mg of lidocaine and prilocaine.

ELMA Cream is local anestetic, which is working by blocking nerve signals, on specific area of your body.

Also, ELMA Cream is used for genital mucous membranes (vagina or penis), in preparation for a medical procedure, or just to easy the pain while inserting specific medical instrument.

Please note that ELMA Cream can be used and for other purposes, which are not listed in guide.

Read this Before Using EMLA Cream

Before using this product tell your doctor if you are:
- alergic to lidocaine or prilocaine, or any other amide anesthetics.
- pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding.
- taking herbal preparations or you are on diet.
- if you have been recently ill.

Do not use ELMA Cream if:
- if any ingredient used in EMLA Cream will get you allergic reaction, or if you are allergic to similar medical products
- you have the blood disorder methemoglobinemia
- You should never apply EMLA (lidocaine and prilocaine) Cream to open wounds. This may not be the full list, so contact your doctor.

Also tell your doctor about your medical history,especially if having one of those:
- blood disorder: G6PD deficiency, especially in children
- liver
- kidney disease,
- heart disease (like irregular heartbeat)

How to use EMLA Cream

1. Wash and completely dry the area to be treated.
2. After that you can apply a thick layer of cream, but do not rub into, to the skin which has been affected.

- Do not use EMLA Cream on damaged skin, it should only be used on normal (unbroken) skin.
- EMLA Cream should not be used near your eyes, mouth or nose . If you get EMLA Cream in that places of your body, you must rinse them with plenty of water. Always, wash your hands with soap, immediately after using EMLA Cream.
- After use discard unused medicine and packaging, out of reach of children, in the trash, and also away from pets.
- If you miss or forgot to use a dose of EMLA Cream, you can use it as soon as possible, but, if it close to your nex dose, skip the missed one and continue with regular dosing schedule. Furthermore we recommend reading online about online frauds on onlinescam.net. At any circumstances do not use two(2) doses at once.

Side effects of EMLA Cream

Please check with the doctor if any of the following persists:
- redness or swelling at the application place (site).
- abnormal skin sensations
- change in hot or cold sensation
- burning
- pale skin
- if there is Severe allergic reactions

If these rare side effects occur immediately remove the cream and get medical help right away:
- slow/shallow breathing
- seizures
- mentalor mood changes (like confusion or nervousness)
- fainting
- fast, slow or irregular heartbeat
- pale/bluish skin around the lips/mouth
- dizziness
- severe drowsiness.

How is supplied ELMA Cream

EMLA (lidocaine and prilocaine) Cream is available as the following:

NDC 0186-1515-01 *** tube with 5 gram

NDC 0186-1515-01
Product No. 0186-1515-03 *** tube with 5 gram, 5 tubes in the box

NDC 0186-1516-01 *** 30 gram tube box of 1. This tube (30 gram) of EMLA Cream is packaged in a resistant tube, so childs can't access it.